Selling my sole, for the sins i have done
were being alive becomes hell 
dying today becomes heaven
you told me what is love
but I never felt being loved
all you make me is guilty
gave me a sleepless sole
what if all your lies are true
and all your deeds are false
can that bring me happiness
with the time we have lost
what if this words are true
all the past behind is lost
what is you come back
fill the emptiness with you
all this lines are wrote for you
begging for you to be back
baby all this lines are true
hoping this words reaching for  u


You are running too fast

without the feet on the ground


The road you travel stinks with greed

Money might be the purpose of it

Since love is hard to find


Just take a look around

because some body left you 


A road more travelled was chosen 

Do you think you are the only one


Can’t you see what you are losing

Truth tumbled just like house of cards


Lonely was the destiny waiting for you 

Happiness appears like a mirage


Crying of your spirit canot be heard

its too noisy with the lies of yours

output might please you 

but you can only hear your claps