Selling my sole, for the sins i have done
were being alive becomes hell 
dying today becomes heaven
you told me what is love
but I never felt being loved
all you make me is guilty
gave me a sleepless sole
what if all your lies are true
and all your deeds are false
can that bring me happiness
with the time we have lost
what if this words are true
all the past behind is lost
what is you come back
fill the emptiness with you
all this lines are wrote for you
begging for you to be back
baby all this lines are true
hoping this words reaching for  u


You are running too fast

without the feet on the ground


The road you travel stinks with greed

Money might be the purpose of it

Since love is hard to find


Just take a look around

because some body left you 


A road more travelled was chosen 

Do you think you are the only one


Can’t you see what you are losing

Truth tumbled just like house of cards


Lonely was the destiny waiting for you 

Happiness appears like a mirage


Crying of your spirit canot be heard

its too noisy with the lies of yours

output might please you 

but you can only hear your claps





Infinite amount of faith kept

Billions of thoughts went

millions of lives liquidated

lacks of hours spent

thousands people  left

hundreds of tears swept

Tens of years in debt

Zero’s  interest kept

To lead a life of others………..

But now its the time for you to lead a life of your own

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I see a child taken birth, but an adult taking his life

I have filled my stomach, but still some one else is starving

I have won in the war, but some one losing their kingdom

I see perfume being sprinkled, but smell of death is in the air

I see ropes for drying clothes, but a generation hanging their necks

I see a seed sprouting from earth, but bodies decayed by the sins

I see a nation fighting for freedom, but dolphins are being slaughtered

I see people praising there lords, but idols are still being burnt

I see questions being praised, but answers still being cursed

I see a man tying a knot, but women breaking her bangles

I see a man felicitated, but garlands still adoring the dead

I see a dog being tamed, but a man being praised

I see mom feeding his kid, but kids ending in trash cans

I see courses being taught, but cowards still pre vales

I see kids going to school, but kids making the crackers

I see a country proud of weaponry, but nation scared for disgrace


Should I lie thousand times, to understand what is truth
Should I step back in silence, to understand what is courage
Should I become a victim of crime, to understand what is justice
Should I watch fellow being crucified, to understand what is pain

Should I praise my superiors, to understand what is inferiority
Should I play a game, to understand what is failure
Should I compete several times, to understand what is talent
Should I scream a billion times , to understand what is anger


Enough of faking my smile

I was never made for this

You taught me to win

but you have made me weak

Running for desire

I was sick of it all

Hoping for a chance to win

I lost with me a thousand times

Learning how to succeed

I made millions to loose their strength

Finally if this is an achievement

I can’t see me in my reflection anymore

Enough of faking the smile

I was always designed to loose

My ship is sinking now

I know not even my self can board it


Phone is ringing,  she can not hear it

White van is advancing, dog is barking

Four people walked in, vivacity walked out

A crate is brought, body was cold

The wind is blowing, a light was lit

Trespassers are passing, relatives are talking

Children are fighting, ladies are laughing

Priests are chanting, people are muttering

God is blamed, heavens are praised

The day was hard, no tears were seen

The sticks are laid,  fire was lit

The time is burnt, ashes are found

A day has slipped, friends had left

A week has passed, relatives had left

A month has gone, children had left

A year passed by, she was diseased



peace that was burnt, down to ashes
faith that was buried, under the heart
wishes that was wished, went in vain
hope that was narrowed, fear of losing

blood that was bleeding, slaughter of innocents
heart beat that was trembling, under blood loss
breath that was stinking, begging to exist
memory that was filled, betrayal of life

life that was dreamt, illusions of living
success that was achieved, failures of others
journey that was made, misconception of existence
courage that was shown, out of desperateness

answers waiting for questions, life waiting for death
smile waiting for tears, farmer waiting for rain
society waiting for solutions, tiger waiting for prey
departure waiting for its arrival, life is equal to death


A Day is dying

Doors were closing

Hard words were spoken

Rage has prevailed

Smiles were lost

Eyes were drenched

Soles were conquered

Young hearts were broken

Parents won the argument

My doors are closed

Books were torn

Loneliness flourished

Darkness  took its birth

Walls were spectators to my screaming

Doors & pillows are the victims of my rage

Days  were spent in despair

Emptiness creeped in

The time has stopped

That day was dead

Follower to slavery was born

The world you have won

Ignorance you have won

Fate you have won

An other child was dead.