A PHOTO (on facebook)

24 students were lost their lives, just to take photo and to upload it on Facebook or to show their happiness to people, felt bad about it & wrote this, but remember your photo is much bigger than a photo that some likes : 


my friends are calling at me 

my parents are dreaming of me

my professor is witnessing it

the lord is ignoring it


my hands are stretching at sky

my legs can’t touch the ground

my breath is inhaling water

the existence is for minutes


CUSECS of water pushing me down

Sensing a boulder rolling on my leg

Screaming can’t be heard in fear

Water level grew above my head


Chillness of water stoping my senses

Boulder just rolled on to my chest

I can’t hear my ribs breaking

Sanity diluted by my ignorance 


Sensing my smile slipping away

Remember my mother saying bye

Feeling the hopes of dad on me

Tears rolled out in search of parents


I do not know how long it is 

But not long of hope to live

Fish staring at my eyes with joy

But at this time nothing else matters


Feet touching the waters for help

Sandals feeling the air touching 

I can see a man staring at it

But my hand cannot come out


Just see my friends moving by

Can’t see them long enough

My head struck between the rocks

They are as hopeless as me





Night dying for a day to be born

Sensed a rescue boat around me 

Sandals just slipped of my feet

The only hope of finding is gone



Dad looking at water at a distance

He could find me even in a crowd

But he couldn’t find me now at site

Now I sensed I am just a soul 


Water current hitting my feet 

Can’t sense my back bone crash

One question just questions me

What if i don’t like to be in photos


What if I stopped at home

What if I don’t like social networks

What if I  lost my trains by whisker

What if, but all of it happened












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