It is a wonderful crime without a death sentence even when billions of witnesses are present. Strangely no blood can be seen nor any tools are required for this murder, the more you kill it, the more followers you may produce.

I feel their is not much importance to my soul now a days, it is much tormented more than poverty of a poor person. It can be heard like the ring tones of the pretty mobile phones , which we are using now a days. Nor it has a colour of the papers which we carry in our purses, or it doesn’t have any identity like the pictures that keep updating on facebook every single minute. It’s faith is being questioned and it is taking fatal blows every single day but It has a make up kit of a miss universe, so that it could put a beautiful make up covered with a smile just a cheery n the ice cream. Many might even question the existence of it during the happy period and all the people who did not recognise it during the ignorance period, will come to know the presence of it in our body when they stay alone on the death bed, or when the loved one is taking their lost breath in front of for the lost time.



        This world has pictured the evil as god, I think their is nothing wrong about that, but many few people feel bad while they are doing the things, that other people don’t even feel a pinch of the pain while doing the wrong thing. Initially its a very tough job, but even in the prostitute in the brothel house won’t enjoy her first intercourse. But gradually the wrong things which she does becomes a habit, but the poor women does it for money, sadly we are becoming more worser than her, because we do it for happiness, which is obtained by fooling a unignored. Unfortunately some young people can feel its presence in a younger age and try to change it, but it is more than a tsunami and nothing can stand in front of it. A person who try to evoke a question of your existence of your soul might look like a fool, but once its provoked you will definitely feel the sleep less nights. 


It shows the beauty in the nature, but tells you the flaws that many people even don’t have time to think about that. Its hard to determine wether soul is present or not but a man trying to win a battle can sense their souls. But killing it is very easy because we are dead a long time back, because we don’t feel our soul, even when we heard that a girl was brutally raped and her body was burnt after the incident, a small kid who is going to die because her parents are not in a position to afford for the operation for the heart. Try to kill it every day in order to live in this world or try to feed it with great thoughts, because it helps to show the direction to whole world. This words are written by a person who is trying to tap the sole, by peeping through the moon from the window. It can just be felt nor thrown to a trash can like other freely topic.



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