I can smell my soul

Soul tells to live

Living became a hell

Hell With her thoughts


My door was locked

Locked inside is happiness

Happiness was lost know

know moments lost faith


Air filled with fear

Fear pushing me forward

Forwarding to lost seconds

Seconds felt like decade


Staring at her watch

Watch gifted by her

Her lough was lost

Lost just like me


I can hear knocks

Knocking from the door

Door opened by me

Me staring at me


I am not lonely

Lonely are not streets

Streets filled like me

Me found my purpose


Sleeping with my dreams

Dreams making me sleepless

Sleeping is my loneliness 

Loneliness lost with purpose


Walking on the streets

Streets cornering me

Me pushing the limits

Limits never has limits


Me died in the past

Past gave me courage

Courage to save me

Me means the hope


They are many more

More to be helped

Help can I do 

Could ” I ” is the question



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