What if you decide to go with paperless banking and bills?

You alone would save 8 square feet of forest land from deforestation in one year.

What if each one of us replaced chemical cleaning agents with organic cleaners?

Together we could bring down sea pollution levels that stand at 69% today.

What if you donate all you leftover food from the party to charity?

You would be feeding a few of the 3000 children who face starvation in india every day.

What if each one of us treated a hotel stay as if being at home?

If we all reuse our towels for the stay, we would save the hotel 2,20,000 gallons of water per year

What if you considered the energy star rating of an appliance before purchasing it?

An appliance with an energy star rating can bring down energy consumption by 75%.

What if you decided to check for CFC FREE tag before purchasing deodorant?

Every time you spray you would prevent 10,00,00 ozone molecules from being destroyed.

What if each one of us decide to use only recyclable bags?

You alone would rid the earth of 22000 bags in a lifetime.

What if you switched off your car every time you stopped at a signal?

Over a lifetime you would save 26297 litres of petrol

What if each one of us actually participated in Earth hour and switched off lights on 23 March?

In JUST ONE HOUR we could as a nation, save enough watts to power 13500 homes.

What if each one of us simply planted one tree every year?

You alone would help rod the atmosphere of around 22320 pounds of carbon monoxide in a lifetime.

What if you asked for a water at restaurant only if you were going to drink it?

In your lifetime you would prevent nearly 1 lac litres of drinking water from flowing down the drain.

What if you walked Short distances instead of driving?

For every litre of petrol you save, you will also save 14 litres of water used to produce it.



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