my time thoughts

We are waking in our homes were the space is narrow as our mind,as narrower place cannot with stand with much matter, narrower thoughts cannot give much virtues. We don’t often go the roof of our apartments, because we are too busy leading our life on the narrowness. This narrowness is filled with our refrigerators, television sets, computers, and mostly  world in our hands i.e mobile phone. We walk with technology through inside and out side when ever we decide to, like time travellers, the strange thing is time travellers are immortals, but do you think we are, the television box are filled with people and these people are filled with infinite amount of thoughts, the strange thing about these people is they often show their troubles which were acted and we treat them as ours but not the happiness . I wonder why these people are always in search of problems, and i see the world on my hands, which is filled with recognising the books on the faces and the words filled ever were and   all the people are called by the numbers, and describing their events which are small than their potentialities, and often pretending busy and the wire climbing through the waist and then passes to the neck and to your ears, trapping your hearing skills not making you to feel the cold breeze of the money, but making you much hotter inside with the tears of the great people coming alive, and telling you the ways they failed and shouting the failures they faced and the lust of their girls . You hear the noise of a sound which is beyond the deep sleep of yours and you try to open the door and a women walks into it and looking for the ugliness in your mind, she tries to ocean up the room but she finds out the room is too big to clean and she ask you for the coloured papers which she finds hard to earn  since she cannot clean it in a day, so she comes every single day and you pay her for your dirt to be cleaned with the time you spent and you give the sweat of yours to her, thinking that you are on top of the world by sitting in the same room of yours which is narrow, thinking that these thoughts are not yours you will just shut the door and if you dare to open the door the other guy cut your heart of as the way you cut the wings of the bird and try to make it fly. Coming to the streets you find the things that you did are quite common and you act to be happy and that happiness was even  stolen from the just born kids who were thrown in trash cans and by the great warriors who lost their life in the wars and by there wives crying for their sole partners to come back, child walking for 10 miles to carry a less amount of water than the numbers in the distance he travelled and so on.
Why should I mind about this since it may lead me not a happy life and giving me pain, we don’t care for them but we pretend our condolence and still proudly say we are human beings.

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