What if you decide to go with paperless banking and bills?

You alone would save 8 square feet of forest land from deforestation in one year.

What if each one of us replaced chemical cleaning agents with organic cleaners?

Together we could bring down sea pollution levels that stand at 69% today.

What if you donate all you leftover food from the party to charity?

You would be feeding a few of the 3000 children who face starvation in india every day.

What if each one of us treated a hotel stay as if being at home?

If we all reuse our towels for the stay, we would save the hotel 2,20,000 gallons of water per year

What if you considered the energy star rating of an appliance before purchasing it?

An appliance with an energy star rating can bring down energy consumption by 75%.

What if you decided to check for CFC FREE tag before purchasing deodorant?

Every time you spray you would prevent 10,00,00 ozone molecules from being destroyed.

What if each one of us decide to use only recyclable bags?

You alone would rid the earth of 22000 bags in a lifetime.

What if you switched off your car every time you stopped at a signal?

Over a lifetime you would save 26297 litres of petrol

What if each one of us actually participated in Earth hour and switched off lights on 23 March?

In JUST ONE HOUR we could as a nation, save enough watts to power 13500 homes.

What if each one of us simply planted one tree every year?

You alone would help rod the atmosphere of around 22320 pounds of carbon monoxide in a lifetime.

What if you asked for a water at restaurant only if you were going to drink it?

In your lifetime you would prevent nearly 1 lac litres of drinking water from flowing down the drain.

What if you walked Short distances instead of driving?

For every litre of petrol you save, you will also save 14 litres of water used to produce it.




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Should I lie thousand times, to understand what is truth
Should I step back in silence, to understand what is courage
Should I become a victim of crime, to understand what is justice
Should I watch fellow being crucified, to understand what is pain

Should I praise my superiors, to understand what is inferiority
Should I play a game, to understand what is failure
Should I compete several times, to understand what is talent
Should I scream a billion times , to understand what is anger

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my time thoughts

We are waking in our homes were the space is narrow as our mind,as narrower place cannot with stand with much matter, narrower thoughts cannot give much virtues. We don’t often go the roof of our apartments, because we are too busy leading our life on the narrowness. This narrowness is filled with our refrigerators, television sets, computers, and mostly  world in our hands i.e mobile phone. We walk with technology through inside and out side when ever we decide to, like time travellers, the strange thing is time travellers are immortals, but do you think we are, the television box are filled with people and these people are filled with infinite amount of thoughts, the strange thing about these people is they often show their troubles which were acted and we treat them as ours but not the happiness . I wonder why these people are always in search of problems, and i see the world on my hands, which is filled with recognising the books on the faces and the words filled ever were and   all the people are called by the numbers, and describing their events which are small than their potentialities, and often pretending busy and the wire climbing through the waist and then passes to the neck and to your ears, trapping your hearing skills not making you to feel the cold breeze of the money, but making you much hotter inside with the tears of the great people coming alive, and telling you the ways they failed and shouting the failures they faced and the lust of their girls . You hear the noise of a sound which is beyond the deep sleep of yours and you try to open the door and a women walks into it and looking for the ugliness in your mind, she tries to ocean up the room but she finds out the room is too big to clean and she ask you for the coloured papers which she finds hard to earn  since she cannot clean it in a day, so she comes every single day and you pay her for your dirt to be cleaned with the time you spent and you give the sweat of yours to her, thinking that you are on top of the world by sitting in the same room of yours which is narrow, thinking that these thoughts are not yours you will just shut the door and if you dare to open the door the other guy cut your heart of as the way you cut the wings of the bird and try to make it fly. Coming to the streets you find the things that you did are quite common and you act to be happy and that happiness was even  stolen from the just born kids who were thrown in trash cans and by the great warriors who lost their life in the wars and by there wives crying for their sole partners to come back, child walking for 10 miles to carry a less amount of water than the numbers in the distance he travelled and so on.
Why should I mind about this since it may lead me not a happy life and giving me pain, we don’t care for them but we pretend our condolence and still proudly say we are human beings.


Dedicated to the one who messaged me …..

Fetching the words for desperation

SMS  from an unknown popped

That broke my silence of years

How could it be just a message

Thoughts struck to me like knife

Depth of heart was questioned

Happiness was the word I sensed

It could not be just a message

Loneliness was questioned by her

Journey was just a puzzle to me

Goodness of me was told by me

Sin was forced to be committed

Words couldn’t speak the meaning

Lines couldn’t reveal the agony

Feelings could be seen with numbers

So how can I just message you

Its my emotions which can never be felt





It started all the way from home, fed up of impressing people who cared for me and the people who are around me waiting for me to overtake so that they can win over me. The first time when i took a pint of beer is at a daba and i never planned to consume it again. Since i failed in my examination and i did not have the courage to disclose it to my parents and think about that i could not get any sleep i got a large MC Donald with the people who failed and the one who passed the examination hosted the party. I started to have it “neat” in our language and my body could not resist, i started puking every were and felt like my worries are going out of my body and had some nice sleep after a while. I slowly…

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