Memories of a man builds his world

Good one would make you happy

Bad one would sink your heart in pain

Both of them has a message for you


Silence should also be explained 

This process would make great noise

Parents immaturity stoping the future

Children’s journey seems to be at stake


Atrocities puzzling the future of humanity

Girl child losing their virginity to your silence

Boys acting as the way they were tought

Countries futures is of grace with disgrace


Elders becoming the false seers of their kids

Society determining the destiny of generations 

God  appealing to the stones in temples

 Evil is being treated as good by the parents


Fear fed in the mouth of the toddlers

Mirage shown as the place to draw greatness 

 Ignorance being the glasses for their eyes

Time being spent just to feed their generation 


Hungers of the empty stomach not heard

Slaughtering of dolphins not being seen

Blue waters turning to red by your silence

Hope left as scrap in the middle of ocean


This just one more article that will be faded in my articles since we are to busy to accept the facts that are happening around me, since it would make you empathetic . 




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