why should we sense the dark & define how bright we are

Why should we push to heights & allow us to fall much deeper

Why should we run too far & crawl back to the place we started

Why should we love the pain & define how great my love was

Why should we read a lot & show how wise we have become

Why should we get cornered & show how great fighters we are

Why should we hope for the best & prepare for the worst consequences

Why should we work hard & think fortune favours the brave…….

I see the nation stinking with the sins of their ancestors and declare to the world that they are rich and powerful . I see un education on the part of hope and see generations drenching in the rain of death. I see souls wandering around me telling their dreams were sold to desire and ended up their lives, and the same thing happening to people around me and myself. So what should I do, should I vest in moments where every thing was predefined by the parents and the society which is waiting to see a strong hearted kid falling down to earth and crying for help by the time he grows. So that they can tell me they are successful or the immaturity of my guru’s who sold their hearts to some papers vending out of a machine and telling us to de the same.

Is this one more question that silence is the best answer for this generation or now their is a generation waiting for this answer and if the answer is silence I cannot narrate the agony of parents losing their children.  Its just a thought which is being expressed from the cult of fear?


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