In the pause of the developing nation some issues are not often spoken about, some times the stats does not give the exact picture but it might show the dark side that the society that had never seen in the morning. By the time I write and you read the article some more people are becoming the victims of this disease and some hero or heroine might have been fighting just to show how much they  are concerned about the society.

I thought people are victim of AIDS only by shear pleasure (not taking precautions), but it shattered  my paradigm when people especially are victims of this disease because of the poverty. Yes, the poor girl kids below 16 years from the villages and  tribal areas are brought in to prostitution, and they parents only a very small amount in order to support for her sisters marriage or to give medical treatment to there parents and sold for a very lesser amount to the pimps. These girls are often showcased as item girls and the girls initially are not willing to dance in front of the crowd and they are made to drink forcefully so that they can dance in front of the crowd with out feeling shy, and after the event is done the girl is raped brutally in most of the cases and she can take the money if she is conscious, in most of the cases the girls are unconscious and any person who is a victim of AIDS passes away the disease to her. It is shame that these atrocities are happening at the time of festival, marriage parties, and these activities are encouraged by the politicians and the police are kept mute because of the political pressure, and are bribed in most of the cases. This thing is happening in almost all the places  and mostly in villages and is able to generate a turnover of 5 crore’s as a self employment scheme. Many kids and innocent women are being victimised and its hard to imagine that these women give birth to a kid at a very early age and most these kids are begging on the streets. It is also hard to know that andhra pradesh contributes 20 % of AIDS patents in India. Almost 2.4 million of the Indian population are victims of AIDS, most of them are below poverty line. With many issues to fight down, this also a major concern that can be added up to the disgrace of the nation. How can some body pleasure for 30 minutes can ruin some ones life, who is not even borne. Is this some topic which we are less spoken of in our country and they say that is a crime to speak about this in front of any body. A valet full of money, and girl who is looking to make some easy money or thinking to become rich quickly, let what ever the circumstances the sin is committed and no precautions are taken and one more sole is sold to the lust in the dark room.  One more kid is found in the dust bins, and they are brought to the orphan homes (only a few) but he is a victim of that 30 minutes and his life is decided just in that one dark lusty heart trying to full fill his pleasures.

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