I see a child taken birth, but an adult taking his life

I have filled my stomach, but still some one else is starving

I have won in the war, but some one losing their kingdom

I see perfume being sprinkled, but smell of death is in the air

I see ropes for drying clothes, but a generation hanging their necks

I see a seed sprouting from earth, but bodies decayed by the sins

I see a nation fighting for freedom, but dolphins are being slaughtered

I see people praising there lords, but idols are still being burnt

I see questions being praised, but answers still being cursed

I see a man tying a knot, but women breaking her bangles

I see a man felicitated, but garlands still adoring the dead

I see a dog being tamed, but a man being praised

I see mom feeding his kid, but kids ending in trash cans

I see courses being taught, but cowards still pre vales

I see kids going to school, but kids making the crackers

I see a country proud of weaponry, but nation scared for disgrace


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