This is a story of what a dream to do something, even to  conquer your fate ” There is not fate but what you make”.

In 1974 Ms.Sonal was invited to west Germany, for teaching Bharatanatyam for the young people all over the world. One fine day ( sunday) afterwards finishing her dinner, she was travelling to her guest house with her fiancé at midnight and suddenly a deer crossed the road. The driver applied the breaks and the car went spinning and summersaulted three times. There were no seat belts at that time and she was thrown 15 feet out of the car just like a scrap thrown in to a dustbin. Fortunately the pedestrians have seen the incident and dialled for an ambulance and the moment she opened her eyes, she was in an hospital. She found herself very hard to move. The doctor read the report stating that “ Four ribs on the left side and my colarbone are shattered and the most serious of all damage was in the spine and the 12th vertebra was smashed to small pieces ” and apart from that she also suffered from neurological problems.

The things got much worser, since the doctor gave two solution, one was to insert a steel rod in to her spine and the other was to put me in a plaster cast. The doctors favoured the steel rod but if they do that she would recover a bit fast but cannot dance any further. But the second part was too painful and there was narrow  chance that she can dance again. She was not even in a position to speak and she chose for the plaster cast. She was in deep pain internally wether she would dance again or not. The next day she was shifted in to torture chamber (orthopaedic treatment). In this treatment she has to be suspended between two tables, one head on the table and the on the other and they rest of the body is hung like a cradle.She had 4 kilos of dressing on her entire body from neck to hip and held in that position for 14 days. Then she was advised to leave to Monteral. But now she should take a flight to Monteral and she was taken to frankfut airport, the airport staff has forgot to turn on the intercom and the flight was about to take off. So they requested the pilot and the pilot was not ready to board a patent on the flight without permission and she was left with only one option that she should climb 49 steps by food ( there were no escalators) and those were the toughest and terrified steps that she had taken in her life.

After one year of time she stared to practise dance, and the first day she tried to dance again my doctor advised her start her dance practise again from the start. Several times she cried out to herself “ Is tis me? Is this my body? whats going on?”. After 1 year age performed show. After some time the doctors observed in the X-rays that “ between the eleventh and thirteenth vertebra, a new bone had grown like a bridge in place of the twelfth vertebra that had been smashed.”

In a single moment you can become lower than a worm or rise to greater  heights if you have faith in your self and in the divine. Even when you think there is know choice, there is always a choice”.

This is the story of Dr. Sonal Mansingh

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