Image I have seen kids with tears drying on their face and to see a smile is just like a treasure in the ocean, one crying in destitute, the other in  the pain of poverty and hunger and the other drawing figures of what his parents appear to be and looking at the other kids playing with their parents on the beach. A beggar planing for a mid night meal, a prostitute seeking for a man, since it is the only way that she can feed his two moths old baby and to get rid of the drunken husband. A farmer seeking for  buyer who can buy his body organ just to make sure that he gets money for the operation of his daughters kid. Parents screaming in the hospital to know the reason for the suicide of there kids but deep inside they know the reason….And there are many more problems in life for people.

My girl friend did not tag me on the Facebook, my pocket money is too low to have a meal in pizza hut, my parents are so mean to me and they  keep shouting at me, my dad did not give a bike, i did not have an iPhone, I want to leave my parents since they are not accepting my marriage proposal, i did not get a chance to be in music band of a college. no people are mingling with me and all my friends call me a bum, I am not able to consume Johnny walker  green label every single day.

In the current world we worry a lot about other concerns which are too tiny than our caliber, and all the worries that shorten your world and thereby narrow your thoughts. I give the choice to you readers, which are having the qualifications  to be called as problems.


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