A chief guest attended a gathering of 200 first year engineering students, Initially he did not disclose any of his achievements. He said different things about his journey through failures(not much) and his understanding with the thought process of the students and what he missed while he was a student. What influence has the society on him at his time, the strange thing i observed in him that he is still learning and his age would approximately be around 52 to 55. I can see his enthusiasm in his eyes and the desire to tell, but no one are ready to listen to him and people walked away and thats how the students do behave, and dishonoured the speaker, because of the short listening spans and impatience to to succeed from other failure, no one asked him at the end what he was. 

After the end of the seminar i asked him what he really was, and found he is a proff in a leading B-schools of the country, and his degree was in chemistry and now he is teaching accountancy and statistics. He used to work for a bank as a probationary officer and he left the job, since he was not learning any thing from it, and published 6 books on his name.

Later I thought that are we really learning, and are we students ??


2 thoughts on “ARE WE STUDENTS ?

  1. every student wanna be a hero of himself.they wanna create their own future.they don’t listen to lectures As they are already bored of tuition(class) lectures. but if the student feels about the person who is speaking in front of him is greater than him(students) I bet he ll surely listen to that person till the end of lecture.

    • thanks for the comment I will accept it. But we are all students to the universe. Because every person is a updating book and he has his own perception of his understandings. Sometimes the most useless person will convey you a great message. Never go by what he achieved since it is very small compared to what he has lost.

      There is message in the people polishing shoes, a beggar, and even a sweeper and he teaches you more, that is simplicity and godliness in the work which he does.

      Recently a person who has weakness of stammering was giving a presentation, i think know one was listening to him, because i can here the noise at the back. But I felt great looking at his courage, despite of his weakness he came ahead to speak and where as other students did not dare to. I understood this because i was looking for a message and i willing to learn.
      person who learns is always a student,

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